Monday, 28 June 2010

DW 513: The Big Bang

Superficially, yay! However, don't think about it to hard.

Cheating with time travel. Had to happen, never impressed by it when it is. Because, as the word goes, it is a 'cheat'. Confid refers to it being a farce (ha! It's funny music! Laugh, damn you all, laugh! IT'S FUNNY!) then slams in with the dying Doctor (who regenerates into River Song? Or not). But... there's a lot of just running around in this episode, and this is just a part of that.

Because not a lot actually happens. Think about it. They get out of the Pandorica, run around the museum for a while, then the Pandorica goes into the TARDIS, and we have a wedding... and that's it. Remove the running around, and it's a very short episode.

And what about the answers? As the Doctor says, what brought the TARDIS there? What is the Silence? (Or Psilence?) Just as well there's another series.

As for not thinking to hard about this: where does the star cult (led by Richard Dawkins!) work when there are no stars? Once the Doctor is erased from history, whence River Song jogging Amy's memory? And why would Rory remember being plastic, when that was just a Nestene creation in the first place? And without the Doctor, just how does the Earth survive the universe then??? Argh! Suspicion is: Moffat thought it was cool when he wrote it.

As ever, this is trying to be a character led finale with lots of big spectacle. Nearly there, would have liked some answers, and it doesn't stand up to scrutiny. It's nice, but... could have been nicer.

Next time: Aliens on a train in space? Huh.



Peter A said...

You'd have WHAT some answers?

Them must've been crazy tasty answers!

Jamas Enright said...

Next time, I'm commenting on ZB posts, not editing them. ;)