Wednesday, 30 June 2010

War on Scales 13

After a week in Overlook, we are asked to meet one of the high up dwarfs (that we had encountered before) for a potential mission. After the recent raiding of the weapon stashes around the city, he has found some paperwork indicating where an old mine related to his clan was (and evidence suggests where the Warforged ally of ours came from). He puts to the proposition of going looking for this mine... and we accept!

The assassin gets us a guide, and after some quick shopping (I pick up some useful rituals), we set out for the desert where the mine is thought to be. After trekking across the increasingly arduous territory (although as a cleric of the nature goddess, I don't complain), we find a city on the edge of the desert. However, they have their own problems.

A gnoll and his creature (not entirely sure what it was, it breaths lightning!) was terrorizing the village for tribute. We can't be having with that, so we set about killing him. Which we do. However, satyrs turn up. And his creature isn't best pleased with me (as he saw me doing the apparent killing blow). They set about beating us up.

We barely manage to hurt the creature, although it gets us good. And we have spent a fair bit of time on the satyrs, but they're still around too. It's not going well for us... will this be TPK???


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