Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Eh-Team!

A movie in which a military team is wrongly accused, which then goes on to seek vengeance on those that wronged them? Never seen that before! [Although that could be many, many movies, especially if you include singular military people who are wrongly accused....]

I would discuss the plot, but it really is that generic. They do something, get accused, then regroup, do some set pieces, then have a big battle against the ones that set them up! Aside from the characters being "The A-Team", this could be any other movie. There's nothing particularly A-Team-ish that sets them apart aside from one-liners and one moment where they build something stupid while in an enclosed space... but then swap those one-liners out and realise that any team are capable of building something stupid, and it could be any other movie! [I would look up TV Tropes to see if this is there, but that's too distracting a site.]

However, as I said, they are the characters. And fortunately, unlike other remake movies, the people behind this did cast for the characters as opposed to casting for the actors (I'm looking at you, Star Trek!). Generally speaking, the new guys do well enough, although Sharlto Copley doesn't quite capture Murdock's insanities. And Liam and Quinton 'Rampage' speak so low that I had trouble making out what they were saying that deep in the bass range. And aside from the obligatory "sexy girl" with the overly badly tacked on "romance plot", I'm not sure what the point of Jessica Biel's presence.

If you like the A-Team, this is a decent enough movie, but is otherwise a generic action movie.


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