Wednesday, 2 June 2010


It's STILL a BUG on the LENS!!!

"The story also ran last year on the Stuff website and attracted about 80 comments in the Oddstuff section which offered a different opinion. Many have suggested it's a bug or a dust mite on the lens. But the Sowerbys were not satisfied with these theories."

Tough. Doesn't matter if you like it. It is what it is.

But why has this come back up?

"That was until Monday when the Good Morning show on TV One hosted television psychic Sue Nicholson who offered the pair an explanation."

Sue MEDIA SEEKING Nicholson mentioned it. Because she's credible! In no way WHAT-SO-FREAKING-EVER! According to her, it's a cat ghost and some other ghosts and... just random crap pulled from her ass!

"Mrs Sowerby was happy with the explanation but was not thrilled at the prospect of the house turning into a train station of the spiritual kind."

Perhaps you would have been more thrilled by the actual reality of a BUG WALKING ON THE LENS!!! You forgo reality, you don't get to complain.


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Alden Bates said...

Never under-estimate the stupidity people can sink to.