Thursday, 3 June 2010

Zombiegeddon: 3rd Bite!

Before we could lay down the smack on the succubus, she wanded a hole in the floor and disappeared downwards. The rest of the party followed, although by the time I could make my way down, I saw that she had opened the front door, so decided to work on damage control. Heading out to the balcony looking over the bar, I set about knocking back the undead and yelling for the door to get closed.

(Downstairs, they were fighting her and the invading undead. She charmed the fighter into being on her side, but the rest of the group managed to put paid to every creature that deserved getting hit. They took some damage, but... eh, I was fine, so that's all right.)

We tied up the succubus and left her to wake up, while the Changelings went up to try out the iTablets. When they called her one, her own Dark Sun mark went off... hopefully that won't happen to me. When they came back down, we talked to her, and found out that (I think, I wasn't paying complete attention) she worshipped some old gold and her master was named Tarran. Although when she told us the last item of information, she suddenly bled out. Nasty.

We need to get to the library at some point, but too late to head out this afternoon (don't want to be out and about after dark), but we do think that we can get to the nearby butchers for more food. We go up to the balcony and look over the mass of zombies, and also spot a woman trapped in the theatre across the road. Need to rescue her.

However, Dox was zapping zombies, when he fumbled and knocked us off the balcony. Well, some of us. Well, the fighter. We did consider clearing a path, but weren't expecting to get underway just yet. Oops...

[BTW, we have tried the "act like a zombie" trick a while ago. Didn't work. They aim by heat sense, and a Changeling that looks like a zombie is still a heat source. Oh well.]


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