Saturday, 26 June 2010


Huzzah! Futurama has once again returned to the screens! With a double episode to kick off with!

First episode back was Rebirth, which was one of their more serious episodes (as serious as it gets), featuring Fry and Leela's romance. In some ways, they had to back pedal in order to get their series back, as, as they say, nothing kills interest more than tension being filled, and the Fry/Leela tension was one of the main driving forces of the show. (That said, this was the second time they had to back out of the relationship, which they tend to go for when the series looks like it's being canceled again.) So, while funny, I find the relationship episodes more of a strain to get through as they are basically belabouring the point they can't get to over and over again.

Then we have In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela, in which they get back to the more usual silliness of the series. Which is the only way to go when the episode is a heavy Zapp Brannigan one. Unfortunately the "revelations" are rather over done, and the ending is just bizarre given the character set ups, but still, this is more the classic style.

But, best of all... it's back! Here's to many more episodes to come!


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