Friday, 25 June 2010

(Toy Story)^3

It's a story about toys... damn that's some good story telling there!

Andy's come of age, so now his toys aren't really needed any more. So what happens to them? A hilarious series of events in which they face their own death! What else? Let's not be coy here, there are some extremely emotional moments, but also some great moments that make you remember why you love this series of films.

(And it also really shows that some animators have a clue, unlike others.)

We have the core set of character, and it's great to see them back. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen sound like they've barely stepped away from the mike for several years (ah, the joy of being audio only), not to mention Joan, Don, Wallace, John and Estelle. And we get some great new toys as well, voiced by Otis, Beetlejuice, James Bond and Mel.

This is definite must-see movie. And must get DVD as well. Pixar will always be the King of Animated Movies. (That said, still haven't seen Cars.)


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