Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Zombiegeddon: 5th Bite!

First up, the fetch quest. We quite easily manage to walk 100m to the leather store where the Goliath's armour is, and walk back. I get myself some nice gloves, but otherwise not the most exciting time.

Then we head out on the escort quest, heading to the brewery. On the way we encounter some more zombies that had been gathered and fed, by two Shadowfell creatures. Hmm... and other staff or two for us to examine (one was red, I already have blue... collect the set!). Although the monk gets munched on a bit, we otherwise get through unscathed. (None of us notice Dox do soem munching himself on the fresh half-elf corpse...)

Getting to the brewery, we meet another adventuring party. We trade talk, then, with Boers... Boris... B-dwarf, we head to the Forge, also known as the Dwell. It has a heavy door entrance that slams shut behind us. No worries there then.

In the entrance to the mine, we don't encounter dwarfs so much as Duergar. Everyone decided that they must die... so I guess they're evil or something? No mention to talking with them. There are a fair few archers, and for a while it looks like we're the next porcupine impression. However, we manage to deal with those nearby then turn our attention to the archers, and they are quickly dealt with.

Looking around, we find a cloak that fits me nicely, and a mace that fits well in my hand! Nice! [Don't know why I asked for a magic weapon. As an implement range controller, I don't use weapons outside of melee opportunity attacks...]

Some of us walk down into the pit, while others jump into a cart. We get down far enough to hear others up ahead and find another cart. We send the cart on its way, and it blows up when it gets to the area where the voices are. Huh. Then the others pass by on their own cart, and race ahead (Dox stays in until the end where he encounters more Duergar, and already shapeshifted into one. That won't cause problems, I'm sure). When we get to where the cart exploded, we find dazed Duergar we put out of our misery, and I find a nice orb! [Yep, lots of magic tat for me this session!]

Making our way further, we do find that main Duergar force, and the fight is on...



Peter A said...

'Fetch quest' - ho ho! Blogger make pun! Is good!!

Jamas Enright said...

Then just be glad we didn't go for arrow supplies!