Thursday, 17 June 2010

Primo Suspect

It's a bit odd that I've been watching Prime Suspect recently. I usually don't watch straight police procedurals (got bored with The Professionals, for example). Usually, I need some other element in the mix, like it's in space or involves time travel.

And yet, here I am, watching a straight police show. And, it's a damn good one. Shows that gripping drama grips no matter what the genre. Only watched the first two series so far, but Helen Mirran is a fantastic actress and is amazingly believably written. (I won't comment, aside from this aside, on whether or not it being a British show helps.)

And yet (again), there is one odd thing I've noticed. Each series (of four episodes) is its own storyline, developing the case, and it really is three plus hours split up. But it's how it's split up that's odd. Each episode is around 55 minutes, and it's like the editors play out the story line and at the end of 50 odd minutes end the show and go to the credits. There isn't any sense of a cliff-hanger for most of the episodes, and if there is one it's more of a dramatic nature. But typically, it's more like a scene cut than an episode break. Can't say I've encountered that before in other shows.

Odd. Still, I've got another five series to enjoy, so here's to good television yet to come!

EDIT: Watching series 3 I found the answer... and I definitely have seen this phenomena before! They aren't 50 minutes episodes... they are one hour 40 minute episodes cut in half. Visions of Season 22 anyone?



Foo said...

I'm a huge Taggart fan...there is something about that show which I love. I know it's not a patch on Prime Suspect drama wise, but I still think it's great and am working my way through the series at the up to series 6 so far, 21 to go!

Oh, and The Wire is another fantastic cop show and well worth a look in.

Jamas Enright said...

Can't say Taggert interests me, although I do have Hamish MacBeth (got it cheap) awaiting my time.

As for The Wire... inspired a post (to come)!

evildicemonkey said...

Surprisingly I can't offer any thoughts on British Cops shows, not really watched many.

Question about your edit thing; has the DVD your watching chopped the program into more than 2 episodes? They're definately meant to be only 2 episodes per investigation.

Is it an American DVD? I suspect that what you are watching was done primarily for the American market. *chortle*

Jamas Enright said...

It's a "Time Life" DVD set, so probably American. The episodes have opening titles and end credits, so it's intended to be that way for whatever release this is.