Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Zombiegeddon: 6th Bite!

Down the mine, we have Duergar trying to open up a path for more Duergar. We can't have that, can we? Attack! Two guards come over to us, and seem to rather effectively manage to block our progress. And a stray shot from an arrow puts down the monk. We're doing well!

Dox fires off a rather powerful bolt that knocks down the cleric in the room. Finally getting a clear shot, I manage to use my mind to blow the cleric's up. Heh.

Meanwhile, the others take out those trying to raise the cog, the monk spinning around the room laying the smack down on everyone there. We continue the fight. One Duergar escapes, but is cut down. The monk manages to close the cog, and I get poisoned. Ow! And nearly collapse. So close...

Sitting for a while, others find a few interesting items, and the dwarf with us finds his cousin. And we find a large obsidian shard coming out the floor. What the...?

The shard hits our minds, and I see an image of Seaian. I'm not having that, and lash back with my mind, smacking it hard. We chase it about the room, with it dominating some of us, and us attacking it. Eventually the monk shatters it. That was annoying.

With that out of the way, we stock up on armour and weapons, and head back first to the brewery (to get some beer), and then back to the inn. We investigate the staves some more, find one is good for terrifying prisoners, and the other staff attracts zombies. And opens a portal to some tomb. Hmm... we could store stuff there...

So, with the sun setting on other day, we take stock of our position, and contemplate the future...


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