Saturday, 17 July 2010


Have just finished spending many weeks slowly working my way through Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. I've seen the first two seasons often, had seen bits and pieces of later seasons, hardly anything at all of season five, but did know one thing.

It got worse as the seasons went on.

But since I never watched it all, I couldn't really comment on the entire run. But now I have.

And, as it happens, I was right. Great first season, decent second, mediocre third, unmemorable fourth, and what the hell was up with season five? Seriously? The whole Seefra thing was just stupid. It's a series called "Andromeda" and basically that's what the fifth season wasn't about. I know shows reinvent themselves, but... actually, suddenly remembering Blake's 7. Yeah, no reason for that.

Basically, I'm on board with Robert Hewitt Wolfe here. He got kicked off the show in season two, and that's the obvious point when the series went down the toilet. After the show was over, he penned a wee Coda to explain it all, but aside from seeing his vision (which, while epic, was over the top), doesn't make the bad taste of what we got any better.

Would Gene Roddenberry have been proud of it? I can't say, but I think they should have stopped with season two if any of them wanted any dignity to remain in the show.


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