Friday, 16 July 2010

Summer Wars

[A short was played before this, really a music video, and the director was in the audience. It wasn't good.]

Go. See. This. Movie.

But if you want to know more than that: Summer Wars is a terrific anime movie, about a family getting together for a birthday, as well as the world being destroyed by the internet. This can't really be called a coming of age movie, although the main character is a teenage boy, but it's more about a family banding together to face overwhelming odds.

Although that part isn't really until later on, and in the first half it's more about the family itself, and it really entertaining. The odd collection of personalities work well, and revelations happen that, while predictable, are still a solid core component of the movie.

Then the second half kicks off, and while it isn't "all action, all the time", there are some absolutely fantastic moments that will move you. Very, very well done.

So let me say this one more time: GO! SEE! THIS! MOVIE!


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