Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop

aka The Banksy Film. Exit Through The Gift Shop is about street art, about the artists, about Bansky, and about the development of a new artist... although there was something slightly fake about this movie I'm just not sure of. Thierry seemed a little... off, and then there are the moments when we are watching the camera man himself being filmed... (could be a recreation, but...). [I would not be surprised to find out this was an art project in and of itself.]

Anyway, this is a great movie about the development of the street art art scene. Various artists are captured, and yes even Banksy himself makes an appearance, of a sort. Some great moments are captured, and some great art is captured. And then there's the development of Mr Brainwash. Hum. (Didn't know he did the cover art for Madonna. Neat.)

A good movie, recommend it if you documentaries, or the art scene!


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