Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Inside Job

Who did it? Was it you? Or was it... Them???

This film looks at the people responsible for the Global Recession, and shows how it was an Inside Job. (Yes, this did remind me of Micheal Moore's Capitalism, although without the small people being showed.)

This film looks at the major players involves... and interviews several major people as well! Not just academics, but also the high ups in the International Monetary Fund, and even the Financial Minister for France and the Prime Minster of Singapore! Although several people are not in this film... guess what role they played.

There is a financial terms that get thrown around, but the movie, and the blame, can be summarised as: several American companies found a way to make money, and they did so while pulling political strings to let them do so, and then their house of cards collapsed, but the leaders got out with lots of money, and those people are still in charge.

Seriously. Many of the major players under Bush (and before) are there still under Obama. WTF, America? Does no-one learn over there?

A better film about the collapse than Capitalism, and voiced by Matt Damon!

[Can't find a trailer, so I'll just link to the main site.]


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