Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Where can water catch fire? In GasLand. This is one scary movie, about the natural gas energy production in America. Unintentional film maker Josh Fox captures lots of personal stories about how people's lives have been ruined due to the process of natural gas extraction screwing up the local water supply. Leading to, amidst other problems, the ability to light water on fire.

Watching this, I have to ask: is there any industrial sector that isn't overwhelmed by corruption, greed, coverups and general all round ass-hatted-ness? Perhaps there's a story on forestry in New Zealand that needs exposing? Certainly, from this and other documentaries I've seen, I'm surprised America is still existing as a country...

And while Josh gets lots of personal stories, there is one aspect that's largely missing, that of the corporate response. Although it's very clear that this is due to none of the corporations wanting to be interviewed. The best we get is at the end of complete weaseling in hearings. There's an Act trying to get into place that will severely curtail this issue, but, of course, as that would hamper the amount of money that can be made, don't expect to see that get into law any time soon...

GasLand is a scary movie that will fire off alarms bells at how anything obvious could be so ignored for so long. Definitely see this.


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