Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Encountering Dark Sun

Since we didn't have enough players, we did something else last night. In our case, we got out the D&D Encounters Dark Sun characters and ran through a few scenarios. Two facts became evident:

Although I am no Dark Sun fanboy, what I experienced hasn't put me off it.

And I died. Both encounters. Man, that sucks.

The first game, we might have done better had we picked up on some subtle GM cues. Eh. Maybe next time. The second game, we won, although I didn't. (I rolled for the bad guys after I died, factor that in how you will.)

The pre-gens aren't in any way optimised either. Creating Dark Sun characters will bring about its own thread on min-maxing, but I haven't looked for them yet.

Still... I'm not against another Dark Sun game...


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