Tuesday, 20 July 2010


[Unfortunately was too sick yesterday to get to any movies.]

A movie that is more about piano tuning than piano playing? What's up with that?

Well, more accurately, a movie about the passion people have for making sure the piano is at its best when used as an instrument. A Pianomania if you will.

The film follows tuner Stefan Knüpfer, a piano tuner, who is there to help piano players, and we meet a few, get the best they can. An interesting documentary where the love of the medium is what's really on display here. Each piano has its own personality, it would seem, and getting to know that is as important as how to use it.

A decent documentary, and a recommendable one.

[Yes, the trailer is in German. An English translated one can be found here.]

[This was at the Penthouse Cinema in Brooklyn. First time I'd been there. Not a bad place, but I chose a bad spot to sit. Definitely need to factor in travel time when going there.]


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