Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Yarh, I be a Pirate's Cove

Yesterday's game o'DnD didn't happened, and other players took the opportunity not to turn up, but for those that did... we had options, eventually settled on playing a game of Pirate's Cove.

Quite a fun game! You are a pirate, you have a ship, and the aim is to get booty and upgrade your ship. However, if you decide on the same port as another pirate, there be cannons a-firin'!

There is strategy involved, deciding which booty to go for, and with other players go for, and during combat is where luck comes into it. You rolls the dice and you takes yer chances. And ye be fighting either the other players or you gang up on one of the legends of the sea (I fought Blackbeard!... and I lost...)

At the end of the day, you wants to be high in fame. I was... last equal. Then the two of us fought and I sent the other pirate down to Davy Jones' Locker, so I not be the worst pirate at sea. Oo-arh!

While I'm not a big PvP board gamer, this was much fun indeed!


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