Friday, 9 July 2010

The place that is of belonging to the one known as Fermat

After ordering, I, of course, had to watch it. The quote on the cover is "Pi meets Cube with a dash of Saw." Why anyone would want to have a dash of Saw is questionable, but I can see where they got Pi from. But I would agree most with Cube, with a set up of House on Haunted Hill.

The tagline is "Death by Numbers". Sort of. It's more "Death by Lack of Numbers". The setup is that four people are invited to a retreat (given the invitations presented in the movie, I was immediately suspicious, and would have disobeyed), where they are locked into a room. If they don't solve number puzzles, the room gets smaller (hence if they lack the number, they die). And, as this happens, there is of course the requisite revelations that not everyone is who they are first presented to be, and flashbacks fill in gaps, etc., etc.

Speaking of the number puzzles, I got some, didn't get the others. (I did get the first puzzle, even though it was in Spanish!) I recognised a lot of them (which was how I knew some), but I am wondering if there was a final puzzle on the PDA which was left unsolved (or may have been an easter egg for viewers, although if so I suspect the lack of Spanish would prove to be too much of a hurdle). But I wouldn't place them in the "only geniuses could solve these riddles". (Then again, others may disagree.)

The actors are good, with them all having to give several layers of performances. The production is good for first time directors. I would say I didn't quite get a proper sense of the layout of the room, and it was hard at times to get a sense that the room was shrinking. Still, the story is more about the characters than the room, and that works well.

Not the greatest film, to be honest. Not really that much a horror film, but a decent watch.


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