Wednesday, 7 July 2010

War on Scales 14

Oh woe, we could all die, any second, the big beastie is... lying dead on the ground. And the other creatures are running away. Okay, fine, maybe a little GM-fiat in there just a tad, but we did shift from potential TPK to barely getting an extra scratch.

Still, with that fight out of the way, we find ourselves in the village of... um, not sure we ever found out the name. They have a tower. And a bakery. And a wall. And a caravan park. And... that's about it. We aren't the most popular people, having killed the messenger and possibly drawing the wrath down on the village. The wrath of who? Of the Queen of the Drylands. Whoever she is. None of us have heard of her. But the gnoll turned up and said he was getting stuff on her behalf, so who knows if she's even real?

The next day, we take a bearing on the next landmark we are after, and head out. And onto the next, and the next... three days later, we reach a dwarvian castle stronghold thing, but can't see anyone in there.

Going in, we do see.. straw dummies. Huh. And then the portcullis falls and we are fighting. For an annoyingly long time, with us being pinned by javelins [restrained] and poisoned [weakened], meaning this gets drawn out. And we sort of split the party. We batter them around, they batter us around, eventually we call it quits and declare ourselves the winners.

So the rest of the stronghold awaits...


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