Thursday, 15 July 2010

Typical Example of Windows

My laptop has a fair few problems with it. Far too much stuff clogging it up. Really could do with a reformat and start again (probably upgrade to Windows 7).

About 20% of the time, when I've booted up, Explorer hangs and needs to be restarted. Not sure what's going on there (and if anyone can point out useful information as to why and how to stop that...).

But what isn't my fault, but Windows being Windows is when I close down. And something stops it from closing down, it brings up a screen saying:

The following programs are still running:

* Explorer.exe
Playing logoff sound

To close these programs and restart your computer,
click Restart Now.

You may lose work that you haven't saved.

Really? It can't close down because it hung while trying to close down? Yeah, there's something working right there! Now, there is a solution, namely use a shorter close down wav. Sounds good. Although the generic close down sound takes but less than a second! That's too long??

Anyway, how about the Wilhelm scream? Something in a TARDIS? Something else?

(Actually, I have my own file I like. Let's see how well that works. Worse case, bye bye Exit Windows sound...)



Foo said...

I can thoroughly recommend Windows 7 as being one of the best operating systems I have seen from Microsoft, and no, I'm not just shilling it - it really is. It actually runs better than Vista and is the first instance of a newer operating systems running faster than the previous version on the same hardware.

I'm assuming you are currently running Vista? All updates in place? It could be worthwhile running a malware checking program (just in case)...a couple of good ones are Lavasoft adaware and Malware Bytes.

Let me know how you get on!


Jamas Enright said...

I think one problem is that whenever I install something (and just hit this with Winamp), it wants dlls to start automatically with my computer. Do I want them to? I don't know. Online Armour doesn't know about them, and the best you'd get out of the internet is that the files are connected with the program... but that doesn't tell me if I can stop anything from running that might suddenly crash my computer...

Jamas Enright said...

Tried Malware Bytes. It does, doesn't it? Didn't find anything, but did install more dll junk in my start up...