Wednesday, 14 July 2010

War on Scales 15

After a breather, we set out wandering around the castle. Some might say that there should be some logic to the progression through unexplored territories, but those people aren't PCs and likely to find random battles. We went up, around, then found a way down and into where some creatures and humans were.

The humans weren't really an issue, with the shifters being a bit more of a problem. Them and the iron cobra. However, with the minions out of the way, we were able to concentrate on them and quickly put them down.

Since the others were already heading down one corridor, they continued down, never mind leaving behind unexplored areas. (See above about wandering.) In one area, they found some cells, including one old man with some canaries, but he wasn't too interested in leaving. Huh.

They also found a crypt and something to attack them. Suppose I'd better help. While there was only the one of it, it could duplicate itself, so that help take up time. That said, we did beat it down, but then it decided to run away. Huh. Wuss. In the crypt area, we found a device to help up locate ale. Yep, that'll help.


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