Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Not an Ordinary Family

Looks like all the new shows are coming out over the next month. The first up one that I'm aware of is ABC's No Ordinary Family. Being described as "The Incredibles"-like, it's easy to see why given that this is a show about a family that gets superpowers. As with a certain other group of four individuals, the powers are linked to their personality.

The dad is the core of the family, the Rock underpinning them all, holding them up with his Strength and Solidness. Yeah, like Michael Chiklis is a stranger to the Hulk... I mean Thing. The mother is rushing around, trying to keep up with her life, so she starts taking speed. Or something like that. The daughter cares about what people think, so guess what she gets? And as for the son with brain deficiencies, it's ironic what happens to him... actually, no, not really.

(Hey, do you think I just spoiled the show? You get all that from the official trailer, which is like the pilot, but in three minutes.)

I'll give it a good first episode, and they haven't forgotten the other side to the superhero coin. As yet, I want to see what a "typical" episode looks like. Is it "family moment of the week dressed up in superhero powers" or is it "supervillain taken down while dealing with family issues". The former may be a better story, but I'm thinking the latter will sell better.

Anyway, a series to at least give a go.


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