Wednesday, 25 August 2010

War on Scales 17

We searched the castle/dungeon/thing for a while, but couldn't find anything like an entrance to the mine area. Even pulled up a tree to look underneath it. (Melora wouldn't be pleased with that, but these are Underdark trees...) Nada. Best to sleep on it.

And then we get attacked while resting. Annoying! Retribution is swift and deadly. I consecrate the ground around us, although the creatures barely stayed in one place (and barely stayed alive enough) for it to be a problem. We're getting good. [In fact, we barely need a healer at all when we are at full party strength.]

While I head back to bed, they follow the attacking party to find an entrance to further down. They block it up so we can examine it more clearly in the morning. When we head down and find more tunnels. And more creatures. Without really pausing to discuss it, they leap in to the attack, and I follow up behind [and am the only one to get hit by a poison dart trap that I can't save against until the encounter is over. Damn dice...] Can't really say there's a problem against them, and I do some help in making the enemies easier to be hit, but again not much for the healing (except on myself, sigh).

The odd thing is, we fought a plant creature that called itself Queen... Usheba (or something). But these creatures are fighting in the name of the Queen. Is she dead or...?


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