Thursday, 26 August 2010

The World v Mr. Pilgrim

I admit it, I was hesitant about this movie. I'd read/heard good reviews for this, but, on the other hand, I distrust hype. On the other other hand, this movie is directed by Eager Wright, and I do trust him...

And, indeed, this movie is a little tough going at first. I wasn't immediately swayed by the over-graphics used, but... around about the third fight, I decided, yes, I like this movie.

Everyone knows the idea: Scott Pilgrim gets himself a new girlfriend, and must deal with the baggage of her exs, as expressed through the medium of fighting, in particular something akin to Asian Martial Arts movies (the kewl kind with the flashy effects). And other people must deal with his baggage in a similar manner. Ah, if only life could be so easily solved by punching someone in the face and making them explode into coins...

While the characters are largely annoying (no-one acts with complete purity, as they are human and flawed), fortunately the movie itself doesn't require them to be liked. The fun is in what's happening more than who it is happening to. There's nothing I particularly want to say about the actors, decent enough job, but nothing that really stands out that needs mentioning.

So, yeah, if you've heard good things about this movie, and are wondering about it, I can only say that I was in that position and I enjoyed it.


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