Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Christchurchian Good News

Now we can see what the "best" thing to come out of the Christchurch earthquake was. [Note the quote marks.] The whelming newspaper coverage! Never before in New Zealand history have we been able to get so much newspaper milage out of a major quake! Stuff has a whole section on it.

We have details on the quake itself. We have the basic info. We have pictures. We even have video.

We have the many humanitarian stories. We have missing elderly. We have people opening their homes to others. We even have an increase in domestic violence!

We find out that businesses are in trouble. Insurance companies are failing. Small businesses are seeking help and advice. A coffee shop owner may go out of business.

We have the government. John Key has spoken. The Opposition agrees. There's a $15m package inbound. And Mayor Bob Parker isn't sleeping.

Finally, let's get a few things clear. This was a national disaster. We do want coverage. I am questioning: do we want this much coverage just because we can have it?


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