Thursday, 9 September 2010

The So-So's Apprentice

Are we all settled in for yet another story about a kid who finds magic? Good, then we'll review...

In some ways this is the core generic movie. Kid find himself a magic apprentice and has to master his powers for the boss fight at the end. How many movies have we seen with that? And there's the love interest, of course, because we have to have that nowadays. It's not a bad updating of the idea. There's the whole "coming of age" aspect to it, but they do try to throw in a dollop of science... but they also use the "10% of our brains" cliche which just PISSES ME OFF!!!

Nicholas Cage is decent in this. He's not trying to particularly over emote anything, but this more straight performance fits him well. Jay Baruchel manages to French Stewart his way through the picture, coming off as awkward without the charming. Alfred Molina, like Nick Cage, turns in a straight role and wears it well. Teresa Palmer, as said love interest, is put into the blonde role of "I don't understand physics", while she does get "cool music". And Toby Kebbell has had better parts.

A nice light picture with impressive enough graphics, but hardly a deep story. One of those "if you happen to be there, then see it" pictures.

And, of course, there's the question of this scene:


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