Thursday, 2 September 2010

Holy Hakeakala!

So the big news is that science is on TV. To be precise, we are learning about how the earth to going to go explody. To be even more precise, we've had the first episode of Bad Universe, the tv series that is basically Death From The Skies! televised.

Ah, Phil Plait. Always going for the humour. I remember when he only had one book and his own blog to his name, now he's on the Discover Magazine website, has a tv series, and is part of another series (yet to see the light).

Anyways, the first episode is about what happens if an asteroid or comet hits the earth. The answer seems to be that Sydney will be destroyed either way. Huh. But he also explains what we can do about it, and that we've got slightly less than 20 years in which to do something at all. Considering we have a plan, as such (as he outlines it), but it's not built yet, this could easily spell destruction for a large part of the earth (especially Sydney).

Phil presents the topic in a light-hearted way, as is his style, and he comes across as extremely friendly. All the better to really shock you with? But this episode, despite the topic, is fun and very watchable. Plenty of explosions too. Has it got legs for a series? We'll have to wait and see.


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