Wednesday, 1 September 2010

War on Scales 18

Continuing on through the mine, the veins of chaos energy grow bigger and start to pose a threat. We come to a large misshapen chamber with a large demon in it, and so start another battle. The chaos vein causes some problems to those who stand in it, but otherwise fine...

The spider swarm and the two carrion crawlers cause a few more problems however. (Well, to be honest, not to me, but then I don't get involved in the fights that much.) By the time I'm in a position to do something really useful, I launch a curse and a bane of Melora on the last remaining creature [With a -7 to attack rolls and defenses!]... and it runs away! Huh.

Continuing on, we come to a large chamber with a chasm of chaos (there's no way I'm getting across that on my own), two large demons and a naga that is the actual Queen Sheba. While the others cross the chasm to take the fight to them, some kind of elemental chaos creature comes out of a chasm and attacks me. Waah! Since I can't deal out the damage, I support the rest of my allies, and brace myself for... a lesser attack. I'm then teleported across, and concentrate on kicking the demons.

Eventually, we whittle them down to just the chaos creature, which I call down Melora's curse on... and it runs away! Melora's just that good...

Then a stone golem thing turns up, revealing that it had sent the warforged golems out to save it so it could seal off the chaos veins, which is does. Yay! We win! Loot for us!

Until next time... [And the GM is about to become a father, so I'm thinking further adventures in this will be a long time coming...]


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