Tuesday, 14 September 2010

There's Proms and then there's Proms

And, in particular, there's the 2010 Doctor Who Prom. Although, as is happens, there are a couple of them. There's the 60 minute version. There's the 90 minute version. And then there's the full prom (around 120? minutes) which isn't broadcast.

I saw the 90 minute version, and aside from the Doctor Who songs there are some classical music pieces (most of which aren't there). There's also a missing DW song, but that's in the Backstage behind the scenes bit.

Anyway, big songs as ever, with various villains tramping around the hall, including Silurians, Vampires, Cybermen and Judoon, 'cos they featured prominently in series five... oh, but it's good music.

While the 2008 Prom had a recorded bit with the Doctor, in this the Doctor does a live skit, with audience interaction, and an actual scene with a kid from the hall (selected "at random" but I noted that the banister was marked, so I dunno about that...). Almost Panto really...

While it was recorded a few months ago, showing it now does help keep up the show's identity until Christmas (although no sneak peak in this one). Nice to see they included proper classical pieces, and no doubt it'll be back another year...


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