Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Zombiegeddon: 7th Bite!

[There is Julius (me!), a Human Psion Controller, Raziel, a Shadow-Kai Monk Striker, Dox, a Changeling Sorcerer Striker, Kalaan, a Changeling Bard Leader, and Fig, a Revenant Fighter Defender.]

We were woken up as an explosion rocked the inn, and discovered that there was a large fire in one of the rooms. While I flailed at the fire (if only I was a telekinetic), I pointed out that Dox might be able to deal some cold powers [being a Chaos Sorcerer, his damage type is randomly determined by a d6]. While I fell through the floor, Dox leapt into battle and... did cold damage [never has a 1 been met with so much excitement]. However, the fire was still going on, so Dox tried again... and did cold damage! Then shook us with thunder for some reason. Odd, odd man...

After the fire was dealt with, we realised that the fire was in Fig's room, centered on his bed. And there was no sign of Fig [as Mark is now no longer with us, looking after his newborn]. Something magical had occurred, but we didn't know what...

Quickly giving up on him, we set out for the library to get more information and loot from better places. First stop was the city records office where we met an elderly archivist [and this is not the set up for a ISIHAC joke] who pointed out where the library was, showed us potential tunnels under the river and helped discover that the sigyl on my arm was associated with an old cult, now no longer in practice... (or is it?)

Continuing on towards the library, we came to a guild house with a kobold looking out at us. Into the guild house! Where we were set upon by, strangely enough, kobolds! [Ah, lower level PCs...] And they put some of us down! Woah! Not me though, although one did hit me. We stomped on them, leaving only a kobold with a strange blink (called Blinky) remaining, who is fast becoming a pet.

Dox and Raziel continued the investigation by heading inside the guild house, and seeking whatever dangers lurking therein...


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