Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Where No Chimp Would Bother Going

The monkeys got themselves a sequel... because... umm...

I'm not sure why. There's about 20 minutes of story in this 80 minute movie. I can only guess at the scripting stage, they got a bunch of people in a room and got them to shout out ideas "bouncy mushrooms!" "Titan does a million crunches!" "Dr Jagu does ballet!" and then they strung those ideas together until they had enough of a script to pad the movie out. One would think that this movie should be about "Zartog", possibly in some manner of "Striking Back", but, as indicated, that only takes up 20 minutes of time.

(Or was this a direct to video release and I missed that?)

Most of the actors come back to do their bits, although Kilowatt is recast (that said, she sounds the same). It's still the same CGI models, and the only sign of advancement is that they've inserted space shots for about five minutes into one scene.

If your kids liked the first, they might enjoy the second. But only if no-one's really paying attention to what's going on and just happen to have the movie playing while they're doing something else...


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