Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Zombiegeddon: 8th Bite!

Not really been much in the way of zombies recently. Take the guild hall for example. After kobolds outside, we go inside and... fight more kobolds... with a wyrm priest. Blinky found us some vile flasks of firey damageness, but since he used them during the fight we didn't need to worry about keeping track of those.

The fight was, as mentioned, against kobolds. Not exactly a huge problem. At least, not for me, and I'm the only one who matters. The monk got beat up a lot, and others got hurt as well, but I was fine. After the fight, the priest with the magical staff turned out to be a magical priest with a normal staff. However, I did find a nice set of armour that suited me well. [Yay Shimmering Armour!] We also found a way down into the sewers, which was apparently a good thing.

Without taking anything more than a short rest (as I said, I was fine) we ventured down, and Blinky took us to see his dragon. The others saw it, not me, as by the time I got there, the sorcerer had already nuked it with his orb. From what they tell me, it was less a dragon and more a crocodile. There was one awkward moment where I and the bard were surrounded by oozes, but I managed to deal with most of them. [I really like Shimmering Armour.]

We found out that the guild we were in backs onto the Alchemist's Guild. I'm sure there's no trouble there we could get up to. But first, a full rest for the others...


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