Sunday, 10 October 2010

2 Srorrim

So, in the direct-to-video bin, we have a sequel to a rather fine film. They take a rather broad step of having no cast the same, and neither any of the creative team. So, yeah, clearly a sequel (and the opening titles do give that it is a sequel). Despite the fact that they also change the rules of how these things work. Actually, it's more of a Mirrors/Ju-on mix.

So, the Mayflower is opening a new branch, and has a mirror from their New York branch (which were all destroyed...), and the owner has his son step in to temporarily replace the old night watchman. However, the son had a Traumatic Incident(tm) in his past, and sees things in mirrors, and is a terrible night guard as he leaves the place unlocked on two different nights as the film goes on. The hey...? Fire him! And there isn't any real threat in the place, but it's all about the horrible deaths of other people by their mirror selves. And then we get a fifteen minute flashback that tells us nothing we didn't already know... sigh...

Nick Stahl plays the lead and looks like he needs to eat something or more of his skeleton will show. Emmanuelle Vaugier plays the somewhat romantic lead, on the hunt for her missing sister, but doesn't really have a role beyond being the main female, so actual characterisation or anything. But, hey, William Katt! (Thought this might have been another House movie.) And, yes, Christy Romano does show off her rather unbelievable boob job.

And speaking of unbelievable, the special effects also leave a lot to be desired. The death puppets look very fake and there are some painfully obvious digital effects. The mirror sequences (mainly the Eleanor one) work a bit better.

Not a movie to bother about checking out...


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