Friday, 8 October 2010

Four Lions

This was one of the movies I wanted to watch at the NZFF but didn't make it to.

Four Lions is about a bunch of blocks, trying to do their thing, but not being all that competent at it. Where their "thing" is jihad. The movie follows their attempts at being heroes for their cause, culminating at the London marathon.

Have to say, wish all jihadists were like this, but unfortunately I doubt many would be as amusing. And this is an amusing film, where the entertainment is in their bumbling (much like other movies). [For a more serious take, check out the excellent episode of Spooks, which has Dr Bashir exclaiming "Never argue with man who's going to Paradise!"]

There are some great performances from all involved, and a few cameos to watch out for. There's interesting camera choices too, where, for example, night scenes outside are in night vision. And there are explosions (with slight jump cuts when they happen, but what do you expect?).

Great movie from Chris Morris, well worth checking out.


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