Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Book of the MOG

Do you watch Zero Punctuation? Of course you do, because you're not crazy. Well, Yahtzee has now got a book to his credit, one Mogworld.

The basic concept: what do MMORPGers look like from the point of view of the NPCs in the game? Not that we get that immediately (although it's well known that's behind it). Jim dies... and comes back to life. Only he doesn't want to be. But then he ends up tramping all the way across the world just to try to kill himself, and comes across some severly strange peoples while doing so. And gets involved in the events of Si-Mon and Dub-us, the holy gods with admin powers...

This is an entertaining read, although I can't hear it being delievered fast-paced style in Yahtzee's voice (although if he does do an audio book...). There isn't the viciousness of his ZP videos, but as Jim is an "anti-hero", there are more than a few vicious barbs coming from his lips. The glimpses of the other side we get are intriguing, and PCs get presented in a rather disturbing (from the MOGworldian's point of view), and the BunnyMorph spell is just cute.

Like fantasy novels? Like MMORPG based novels? Like funny novels? Check out Mogworld!


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