Saturday, 16 October 2010

SJA: The Nightmare Man

With Tommy Knight not being around for the rest of the season (although he keeps referring to seeing Sarah Jane at Christmas... so is there a Christmas episode?), this is a Luke centric episode.

And I think this is a pretty decent episode, mostly. There are a few moments of "really?", but overall there is a nice creepy build up of the Nightmare Man... the nightmares are a little odd, but there is good character development. Despite being a Luke episode, Rani has the best character focus, showing her to be a more interesting character than the boys.

Tommy Knight acts well, with Daniel Anthony being his usual self, and Anjli Mohindra being excellent. Elizabeth Sladen gets to do something a little unusual in Clive's dream, nice to see, but otherwise doesn't get that much to do in the episode. Julian Bleach gives a good turn as the Nightmare Man, although capers a little too much. And a bit of a cameo from Doon Mackichan!

A decent starter to the season, although one small overlooked point: another casual Slitheen death. Doesn't seem to bother anyone...


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