Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Devil Walks The Land...

Seriously? And note that this deserved the big picture spot on Stuff...

Jilted celebrant warns of satanic clash

Okay, so only have the one newspaper article to go on, so from that the background seems to be: Christina and Dave want to get married. At this particular church. By the reverend (Short) who used to be the guy in charge. However, the current guy (Wells) in charge had a disagreement with the previous guy so is turning their proposal to get married in the church down.

And from that, Wells has proclaimed:

But he did send a letter to parishioners calling on them to be "in fervent prayer and fasting" for 24 hours.

"I will not stand back and allow the work of our Lord to be destroyed by the devil on my watch," he wrote, adding: "There will be persecution ahead, we will be vilified by the nation, the media and the world around us, we will suffer injustice and those whom we counted on as friends may well speak against us, we are in a spiritual battle."

Vilified? No. Pointed at and laughed at? Yep. And to be precise, pointing and laughing at Wells. It's not the parishioners who are blocking this, it is Wells. From this one piece, the word that really comes to mind is "pettiness".

But Wells apparently insists on bringing in everyone else. "Prayer and fasting." Seriously? He thinks everyone is going to be behind him? The article points out there is a large elderly population, who want Short around, so I'm not seeing them being on his side in this "spiritual battle".

I've said before that one aspect of religion is power control. This is a perfect example of that.


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