Tuesday, 12 October 2010

DW: The Only Good Dalek

This is a graphic novel, from the pen of Justin Richards and the brush of Mike Collins.

The Doctor lands on an orbital station and, guess what, there are Daleks! Only these are good Daleks. Indeed, Justin manages to put about three different spins on what is a "good Dalek". The pace is pretty quick, with a lot of events all over the place... I'm not entirely sure the story makes complete sense but then I'm not entirely sure I paid complete attention. There are a couple of good twists, although one plot moment gets played out a few times.

The art is good, there are some very nice splash pages. The Doctor and Amy are... close to how they look. The Daleks are their big clunky selves, and Mike keeps them dominating the page without giving away the over-bulk too much (and with voice in Dalek font, of course).

A sufficient wee tale, although with the Daleks, especially not being on TV, there really isn't a huge resolution. Decent enough hardcover, although recommend more on sale than full price...


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