Monday, 11 October 2010


If a Mega-Shark or a Giant Octopus wasn't enough for you, how about a SharkTopus? (Although, to be honest, how they put it together would be like attaching the head and torso of one creature with the head and torso of another, it don't work like that...)

Anyway, "evil corp" creates a shark/octopus hybrid (wouldn't you?) and the daughter and some random hero team up to take it down after it goes on a rampage. Which seems to consist of "kill women in bikinis". ... woo! Who needs plot?

Or anything else. Like the "steadycam" switch on cameras. Did the camera men simply grab a camera and point it vaguely in the direction of the actors? Who manage to magically change around as if there was no continuity checker. Meh, those things are over-rated. Much like special effects, which the 1990s would be ashamed of.

This movie "stars" Eric "Smirk" Roberts. Yeah, he's never played an evil character. The daughter, Nicole, is played by Sara Malakul Lane, who is from... I have no idea, as she is suffering from roving accent syndrome, which can happen in the middle of sentences. Kerem Bursin is the hero of the piece... yeah, big names in this film. Amusingly, Liv Boughn was also in another monster pic, Dinoshark. (As opposed to Dinocroc or Supergator...)

What do you expect from a "sharktopus" movie? As one character says: "Oh no, not like this!"


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