Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Got me questions answered

So yeah, Armageddon happened. Announcements were made about McGann's new costume, and McCoy's new job wherever Hobbit ends up being made. And there were question and answer sessions. While Saturday was a one hour bit with the three of them on stage in the main room, on Sunday there were more intimate one hour blocks with each of them and more in a smaller room. Now that's more fun. And I got to ask each of them a question (more or less).

(No, there are no photos, see tomorrow for why.)

First up, Lloyd Kaufman. Yes, the Troma man himself. Got an interesting wee movie, Poultrygiest, coming out soon, mad cap as ever. And he told us about the fun of making film, and what happens when you don't get proper permits.
My question: what is his stance on meat? Answer: He just doesn't eat meat (aside from human flesh of course), as he doesn't see it as fair to the animals.

Next up, time with Claudia Christian. She's still working, been in Starhyke (must watch some time) and now in Look. Just as much fun as ever.
My question: a few years ago she was writing a B5 novel with Susan Ivanova in it. What happened to that? Answer: Got declared as "non-canon" by JMS, so now only a short run as "fanfiction". (Novel is Baptism of Fire.)

Then the Doctor Who-ness started with Sylvester McCoy. Started off with discussing putting ferrets down his trousers (good question there Wade), and discussed his name origins and repeated a lot of answers from yesterday.
(I didn't have a question for him, was going to ask if he got asked to tone down or increase his accent during DW, he answered that (with a "tone down") before I got to ask.)

Onto companion Sophie Aldred. Spent a lot of time discussing her non-DW work. (Never ask for the Dennis the Menace voice, nearly as annoying as Katy Mannings' baby voice. Urgh.) And mentioned, at the end of Survival, how Ace and the Doctor walked off into the bushes... even writing that makes me chuckle.
My question: how does she see Ace's leaving moment? Answer: didn't really give one, discussed a few possibilities, but can't recall anything definite.

Paul McGann returned in costume for the last Q&A. Mainly DW, but also roamed over many different parts he had, relating a few amusing stories. Had some very odd times over the years. Also had a Barbara Streisand song stuck in his head.
My question: In Lesbian Vampire Killers, he played his role straight, the others didn't. His choice, director's choice, or...? Answer: that's just the way he played the role. He's a straight actor.
My question 2 ('cos I got chance to ask another): Any word on Fish coming out on DVD? Answer: After remembering he was in Fish, no, no word.

I got for the talking sessions. Not to say I didn't buy stuff as well, but I prefer the q&a sessions. I can't say that I would have been sorry if I hadn't come... I did enjoy the parts I attended.


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