Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Memories of Auckland

While I was up for Armageddon, thought I would stay a bit and take in the sights. Now, a useful tip when touristing around:
a) remember to take your camera,
b) remember to check the batteries,
c) remember to check to see if the damn camera actually works.
Failed a), then b) and then c). Yeah, that worked well.

While here to see Auckland, clearly the thing to do was go underneath it, hence I went to Kelly Tarlton's. Saw penguins, manta rays, fish, sharks... While in the (being worked on) shark tube bit, there was a manta that passed right over head, skimming the top of the tube. That was neat.

Keeping the nautical theme, I also took in a harbour cruise. At one point I was thinking of walking around Rangitoto Island, but feet proved to be too sore for that to work. Still, nice to get some sea air.

The museum was a draw. Reminded me of Te Papa, but then hardly surprising that a museum would have a large Maori focus. While Te Papa has a "wacky shake", the War Museum has a "volcano house". If a volcano does happen in Auckland, the luckiest thing would be just to get covered in ash...

Even checked out the Denny's (and the site hasn't worked for days). Can't say I was that impressed by it.

Hardly a conclusive tour of the sights, but it got me out of the hotel and now I have my memories of the times. (Photos would help, but...)


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