Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Oh, a horror movie, must watch... although I do wonder if this could have been done as a more normal drama (and it's not like people die in particularly nasty ways).

Anyway, there are nine people and some of them might end up dead. A killer has kidnapped them and stuck them in a room, and every ten minutes, one of them will die. And so, this is basically a "people stuck in a room" movie, much like the recent Devil, or (because I re-watched it recently) Saw. The point here is that the people must find out what connects them, or else the above mentioned death. Will they do it in time?

And it is a nice set-up. Could be interesting, could be a dark secret, could be something deep about them... or we could bring in the stupid... (Obviously, I'm not going to reveal the secret behind the connection, but I will say that there are a few connections that, when given time to think about it, make you go "...what?")

But there are two bigger stupids. The first, and a minor spoiler, for some deaths the killer whispers the secret into the person's ear before killing them, and the person reacts in some way along the lines of "yeah?". Thank you, you stupid people, for not saying anything that might help other people. Fine, the first time might be a surprise, but the other times... no-one even mentions the idea! They are desperate for secrets, for finding out what the killer wants, but... here are big clues, and no-one wants to reveal them! It might be important to the script that it doesn't come out, but it makes absolutely no sense of any kind in character for them to do that. That continually ticked me off as the movie went on. They all deserved to die for that idiocy alone!

The other stupid, which I can't talk about, is the ending. But if you watch it, you'll be going "huh? why...?" ... however, feel free to feel this stupid, when told they have a connection, no-one of them went "do we have the same birthday? All lived in the same place? Perhaps we all entered the same competition to get kidnapped and stuck in a room?" Nada.

Melissa Joan Hart is in this, still looking like Sabrina, but a little older Sabrina. Other roles are well cast, with Lawrence Turner being a rather amusing Coogan. As for the killer... I won't reveal who it is, but I'm sure it was very uncomfortable in that mask...

The stupid overwhelms this movie, but if you think you can overcome that, then have at it!


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