Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Zombiegeddon: 10th Bite!

As Dox, Blinky and myself came out of the main library room, we found the lobby area void of our companions, although there was a suggestion of movement in the floor. A little playing with Blobby by Dox later revealed a set of stairs leading down. Clearly more gnomes had come out of there and killed our companions. When we heard a "Hello!" from down there, we were ready for the new Gnome-ish attack!

Which came in the form of a Half-Elf Battlemind named Jason Quicksilver. After the standard "PC vs PC" stand off, and the appearance of the two others, we joined forces... or, at least, put off killing each other, and headed down to where Raziel heard voices. Entering the water room (based on water elemental magic, not it being made of water), we found a priest dude of the Dark Sun doing something strange with a portal. He jumped through, and left behind some fire elementals to deal with us.

Ha! The first thing I did was activated the water-based defense magic inherent in this room... yep, I turned on the sprinklers. Not as useful as I hoped, but it seemed like a cool thing to do at the time. Much like jumping in and fighting the beasts, which we all did. The new guy seemed somewhat useful, getting in and beating them up hand-to-hand, but we overwhelmed them without me getting hurt, so that's always good.

Quickly we set about re-establishing the portal. Since there was magic already in the room from the water sprinklers, I channeled that into the portal to stabilise it, and the others helped. Dox, as usual, jumped straight in, and so since that seemed to be the thing to do, so did I, and the others.

On the other side, [Note: we hadn't rested since the fire fight above, so we were out of encounter type powers.] there was a room of zombies. Well, been a while since we fought them. There was one giant zombie, usual zombies, and some less than impressive ones. While trying to concentrate on the big one, the smaller ones got to me, and, ow!, I got hurt! No fair! So a slightly tougher fight... and yet, still not really a huge issue...

Afterward, we got treated to a slow clap of some lieutenant chap named Berrin or something, who said we'd be joining his team. Not if Seaian's in the same team, I say. But we'll see about that... after a quick catching of breath, that is...


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