Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Zombiegeddon: 9th Bite!

The next day, we took a look at the Alchemist's Guild house. There was a shanty town area in front of it, and in the main house... zombies. Hey, zombies! Haven't had them for a while. After getting rid of them, we found some money and a ritual, and then set up all the explodey bits and pieces around in a big pile, lit the fuse and... flattened by the explosion. Wow. Now that was a big one. But if anyone asked, it was like that when we got there...

Wiping the soot off, we headed out for the library. Perhaps we could blow that up as well? Although the doors were shut, we heard voices, but some of us didn't really bother with niceties and went in anyway. Inside was a large room, there being a mosaic of the land on the floor and on a raised dais with an image of the city on it... with smoke rising out of a new crater... neat.

However, we weren't the only ones there. Gnomes were running around and didn't take kindly to us interrupting them. They attacked! We defended! I got beaten down to near death twice! Waa! Of course we smacked them up, but I got hurt!

On them was a pack of documents (in Elven), in which they had been given a list of items to get, including the Daemonicus Supernum and an orrery that was very expensive. Two of us went looking at the books, two others studied the city image. The latter found controls to change the image and saw plenty of zombies on the middle island (with the wizard spire and a monastery). And underneath the stone with the image on it was a set of stairs to unlock and go into the catacombs.

Meanwhile the other two (including I) went looking at the more prosaic books. We found the Daemonicus and some books on the cult, but found that the orrery was in the catacombs. Wherever they were. Huh, guess that's that then...


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