Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Sickening of the Pope

You might have heard of a certain event over in England in the past month. A certain head of a certain organisation arrived in Engerland and was failed to be arrested. I'd advise you to read Richard Dawkins' speech (which was abbreviated when he gave it) that nicely points out some of the many failures of the Pope.

He was also one of the people associated with the call the arrest the Pope, although no-one seriously believed that was going to happen (which didn't for a moment stop various sides taking advantage of the charge to get news lines). As a part of all that, Geoffry Robertson was commissioned to write up the details of the what if: could the Pope be charged? What crimes had been committed? What hurdles are there to charging him or the Holy See? And, as it happens, is the Holy See / the Vatican a state, which nations treat is as?

The Case of the Pope is the book of the answer, and it is very interesting reading. Although, when you get to Chapter 6, which details the Vatican involvement in UN activities to do such things as treat women, gays and children as beings with actual rights, the Vatican's involvement moves from interesting to just plain sickening. What the hell is going on with the world that this is going on? Just how much of a stranglehold are we allowing the Catholic Church to have? Makes me want to become a world power just so I can deny their right to anything...

Definitely give it a read. Everyone should read it, especially those who think that the Vatican is something to respect. Self-delusion keeps them in power, but that needs to end. Now. Until there, there is only one response possible...


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