Sunday, 28 November 2010

Despicable Him

Bit late, but yeah, I saw it. All about Gru stealing the moon. But it was never really about that, right?

It's all about how Gru is a villain, but then he meets the little girls, and then he becomes human and... the problem here is that while the villain is not necessarily likable, there has to be some connection with the audience, even if liking how Gru is a dick. But the connection isn't there. You can tell that the script writer is really trying to set up the character to be connectable, but being to spot the trying is making it fail. It's just too easy to see where it is going. (Mastermind also had "bad guy tempered by girl", but the main character there was actually enjoyable.)

There are some good moments in the movie (yes, the unicorn one), however it takes over half the movie to actually get into what it really wants to do (Gru with the girls), that by that time I was disinvested and only very slowly came back.

The big name draw for this is Steve Carell, but also there is Russell Brand and Julie Andrews. Miranda Cosgrove gets interviewed a lot for it, likely the producers trying to make sure the kids come see this. Jemaine Clement is also in this, but I'd be hard pressed to point to his character.

I do need to give 3D a try some time, but this is not a movie I'm going to see again soon.

The best part of the movie... the theme song:


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