Monday, 29 November 2010


If someone said they'd planted bombs, what would you do? What. Would. You. Do. One answer is: make a movie about it!

Someone has planted bombs, and without much hesitation, we get to the torture. That's not really the Unthinkable part of the movie, though. There is a lot of complaining about legality, etc., but I think we all readily accept that America will skip straight to the pain bringing if they suspect any terrorism is going on. So, yeah, although they said that people will say anything under torture, they still do the torture.

But as time goes on, they need more desperate measures to get some answers, and we get to the "shocking" bits (that's in quotes as it is obvious that's where the movie is going there). The movie presents a range of options, and somewhat lets the audience decide how far they'd be willing to go, but also doesn't shy away from consequences. Just who is in control?

Skipping to the cast, Samuel L. Jackson is the man, and while not playing a nice character, is within believability (and I'm not sure that any ol' actor could pull that off). Carrie-Ann Moss is the "we must be nice" voice, and I do wonder if could have been as well pulled off if the character was male. Michael Sheen (no relation) gets a tough role, but pulls it off well.

When you think about this situation, the movie does largely address all the points you would think of. However, it doesn't really get that spectacular with the concept, so in the end we have a workable, but not brilliant, movie. That said, can easily wait for this to come out on rentable DVD, as there is nothing big screen about this.


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