Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Saw it 3D times

Have to admit that this series has had a complicated (and not entirely clean) plot growth over the movies. Revelations about previous movies, conflating time lines, and, of course, complicated set pieces that end with some one dying.

And now in 3D! But whatever about that...

This is basically two plot lines, one of which is the ongoing continuity of trying to hunt down the latest Jigsaw killer, which is only tangentially connected to the other plot of some guy wandering through a place and failing to stop gory effects sequences from happening, which is entirely new and original... about four movies ago... I'll cut for a moment to the end to say that it isn't that great an ending, and there really isn't anything stopping them from doing another Saw movie aside from the ratings.

The myth-arc stuff is overblown, and just presents someone as completing dominating everything with no problems... where's the fun in that? And the set pieces are pretty samey, frankly they've run out of ideas for truly interesting traps. As mentioned, this has been done before, so not impressed by another retread.

Acting-wise... well, people come to these movies to see people die, so the actors themselves are rather secondary. Tobin Bell is good as ever, and Cary Elwes... looks like he's put on some weight since he cut his foot off... everyone else runs around and screams and yadda yadda yadda.

This is the "final chapter", and this movie certainly kills the series off. Only watch if you really must see the next Saw chapter.


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