Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Zombiegeddon: 11th Bite!

After a breather, we took a look around. Going next door in the warehouse, we found... a large pit of zombies. Huh. Going next door we found... a large pit of zombies. Huh. Going next door we found... a large pit of zombies. Huh. Going next door we found... a recently deserted guard room. Huh.

As we were looking around, the Bard poked in the wrong cabinet and set off a trap that closed and locked the doors and released some zombies. Oh! Novelty! We haven't fought them before! And it gets to be a bit of a gangbang and they prove to be rather tough. I actually have to take damage, what's up with that? The battlemind teleports all over the place, and Dox runs away, and it takes a while for us to beat them down. Strangely, Dox find a magic item in the debris on the floor. Weird.

Continuing on, we find a bunkhouse, then an indoor tavern where the dark cult hangs out. With Veren (or Beren, I'm not sure), a lieutenant. He tells the cultists to charge them, the shapeshifters look like important people and try to make the cultists attack Beren, and the cultists just want to run away. Running away does make them easier to deal with, but we still have to take some on. Getting too close to Veren gets some of us blind, but soon Jasin and I start the smackdown on him and put him out of our misery. Jasin goes a bit too far and actually kills him. [So much for that potential plot exposition. Meh, never bothered us yet.]

On him are two rings, which are communicators of some kind. I try one, hear a voice in my head, then the symbol on my arm starts glowing and the ring breaks. W? T?? F??? Something very strange is going on.

Dox goes through a door and discovers that we are now in Llorkh, the city were I started. Where my family is. I just know Seaian is behind this. I have to see my father. I explain some of my back story to the others (I'm a bastard child [apparently] and Seaian is a dick), and after the rest while exposition happens, I am determined to visit home. I must find out what happened...


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